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Funeral services were pending Monday for Cal Worthington, whose folksy yet flamboyant "Go See Cal" car commercials were a fixture on. For decades, Cal Worthington has been the true "King of All Media" with his unforgettable live television appearances from his first Southern California car lot to his late-night banter with Johnny Carson.

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Cal Worthington and his "dog" spot. A southern California fixture for nearly six decades. Died September 10, 2013 at the ripe old age of 92. RIP Mr. Worthington.you’ll be missed. My childhood of.

Cal Worthington – Wikipedia – In addition to the many animals that were featured, one of Cal Worthington’s "Spots" was Deacon Jones, at the time one of the "Fearsome Foursome" of the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, who sang the "Go See Cal" jingle. Worthington made deals with two local circuses to obtain animals for the commercial shoots.

1984 ads for Cal Worthington Ford in Long Beach, CA., featuring ’84 Ford Bronco, ‘84 ford tempo, ’84 Ford LTD, ’84 Ford Escort EXP, ‘80 mercury zephyr, ’81 O.

Explain how the FAT-P strategy works when analyzing TV Commercials: Form is TV commercial – a short clip of video that uses both visual (what you see) and aural (what you hear) input. Audience is the group of consumers the commercial was targeted to convince to buy a.

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